Keep Your Nuwave Neon Sparkling: LED Sign Care Tips

Hey there, Neon Aficionado! So, you've added a splash of vibrant Nuwave Neon to your space? Excellent choice! These signs are like mood-boosting wizards, instantly jazzing up any room with their colorful glow.

But hey, to keep that neon magic alive and kicking, a little TLC goes a long way. Cleaning these babies is a breeze – no need for fancy specialists here! Just grab a soft cloth, give it a gentle wipe-down, and watch your Nuwave Neon masterpiece shine like new.

So go ahead, let your Nuwave Neon shine bright, and keep those good vibes flowing. Need a hand? We've got you covered. Here's to endless neon adventures.

  1. Handle with Care: Treat your neon sign like a delicate flower. No roughhousing! Handle with care to avoid any mishaps.

  2. Keep It Dry, Keep It Cool: Neon signs aren't fans of waterworks or extreme temperatures. Keep 'em dry and comfy for peak performance.

  3. Dust? No Thanks!: Dust bunnies are the enemy of neon brilliance. Give your sign a gentle wipe-down now and then to keep it looking fresh.

  4. Give It a Rest: Your sign needs downtime too! Don't leave it running 24/7. Give it a break to recharge and last longer.

  5. Mount It Right: Hang your sign like a pro! Follow the mounting instructions closely for a secure setup.

  6. Having Issues?: If your neon pal starts acting up – flickering, dimming, or just being moody – don't sweat it! Shoot us a message at, and we'll sort you out.

Now go ahead, let your space shine with neon charm! Got questions? Need a hand? Hit us up anytime.