Born in Miami Beach and raised in the art district, our founder has always had an eye for stunning design and lighting. We specialize in original LED neon signs for all applications – including events, home, product launches, weddings, concerts, tv & film, restaurants, cafes, corporate & retails spaces.

Our team of talented graphic designers and hand-lettering artists can create the perfect vibe with neon; assisting you in choosing colors, fonts and styles (even replicating your own handwriting!); all with your budget in mind.

All of our LED neon flex signage is created by hand. It is low voltage, eco friendly, silent, safe and long lasting. High quality LED neon strip is bent into the required angles to match the design and glued to a 5mm clear acrylic backboard to hold shape. The sign themselves are 12V, silent and do not heat up like traditional neon. All of our signs will automatically ship out with the power cord to match the shipping country and as they are acrylic based, the signage is not fragile like glass neon and can be transported easily for use.

Welcome to Nuwave Neon, home of handcrafted, bespoke neon artwork. We're thrilled that you're here and we're excited to bring love and light into your space.

The team at Nuwave Neon