From humble beginnings

Founded in 2020 at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nuwave Neon was born out of a desire to bring vibrant light into a challenging time. Our founder, Louis Friedlander, was inspired by his upbringing on the beaches of Fort Lauderdale and Miami, where the colorful art districts and dynamic nightlife left an indelible mark on his creative spirit. Louis's vision was to capture the essence of these vibrant surroundings and translate them into next-level LED neon lighting and signs.

We are big dreamers who are passionate about two things: impeccable design and impressive lighting. Drawing from the vivid hues of Miami Beach and the artistic flair of the local districts, we’ve created an array of stunning neon signs that will elevate any environment.

At Nuwave Neon, we believe in dreaming in color. With our custom neon creations, your world will never be dull. Keep dreaming, and let us light up your life.


A life in color is a life of wonders 

We love color, not just in our lights but in the beauty of people all around the world. Never be afraid to show yours.

Art keeps us reaching higher

Art pushes us to do better, try new things and innovate beyond the dull and norm. This makes us better people.

Words are important. Use them wisely

Whether in our signs or in how we speak to each other, every word counts. Make them kind. Make them purposeful. Make them last.

You have an opportunity to make a difference. Even with just one small act

Our signs seem like a small part of life, but they can impact others in a big way, whether in the mood they stir or the thoughts they inspire. We encourage you to think about your impact, no matter how big or small. 

There is no better canvas than your wall illuminated by dazzling lights.